Welcome to Auckland District Health Board Interpreting and Translation Services

Welcome to Auckland District Health Board Health Board (“ADHB”), we provide quality and cost effective interpreting & translation services.

Established in 1999, ADHB Interpreting and Transition services has always committed in delivering quality and timely services in spoken and sign language interpreting as well as document translations. We are quality and customer service driven by working with a pool of professionally trained and certified interpreters and translators.

The following services are provided by us:

  • SINT - Onsite (Face to Face) interpreting service

    This service provides you with a language interpreter to be present at your meeting/ interview/ consultation to assist you to facilitate communication between you and your client(s). The interpreting can be either consecutive or simultaneous mode according to your needs.

  • TINT - Telephone (Conference Call) interpreting service

    This service provides you with a language interpreter to facilitate communication between two or more people. If it is not done via a conference phone, it is best that you have a speaker phone or dual-handset phone. This is suitable for interpreting for communication not more than 60 minutes. It is most cost-effective but may not be appropriate in certain circumstances. Circumstances that may not be suitable for telephone interpreting can be:

    • Informed consent for procedures including phototherapy and PDT
    • All procedures under local anaesthesia
    • Advice of terminal illness and other bad news
    • Giving visual information e.g. explaining a diagram/chart, demonstrating use of equipment, education programs for patients etc.
    • All mental health consultations
    • Exercising power of Mental Health Act
    • Big family meetings involving many parties

  • APC - Appointment Confirmation Assignment

    This service provides you with a trained Interpreter to contact a client by telephone to confirm, cancel or reschedule an appointment. This service is very useful and cost effective for managing appointments and reducing clients /patients not showing up for the booked appointment.

  • TA - Telephone Assignment

    This service provides you with a language interpreter who will making 1-3 phone calls to the same clients on your behalf. This is particularly useful for reminding patients to take their medications or checking on their health status; or contacting client to complete a form etc). It is a useful method and cost effective way to support community health service providers, managing non-English speaking clients who are recovering at home and requiring some instructions or reminders.

  • Document Translations

    This service provides you with qualified translation of written information, e.g. brochures, reports, etc. We will present you with a quotation. The translation will commence once your agreement is obtained.

  • Sign Language

    We provide a 24/7 service for the Deaf Community. Select Sign Language as the “Language” option.

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